The next generation of gambling is going to be light years ahead of what is seen now

The gaming industry has been an ambitious one, and the final goal has always been to deliver the most exciting experience to gamblers. Over the last several decades, the gaming operators have been at the front of new emerging technologies, and that trend has only gotten stronger since the online gambling industry became so relevant. The online gambling industry now competes almost at the same level with land-based gambling venues and has used technology as a leverage to bring innovation to the online scene. Innovation and technology walk closely together, continuing to bring countless ideas when it comes to new functionalities that the iGaming sector can add to their offerings, even more with the integration of software powered by artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the revolution of mobile gaming.

AI is taking virtual reality (VR) to the next level in online casinos where the technology is there already. However, the equipment required to enjoy this kind of platforms is still awfully expensive for most people. The iGaming sector already has dedicated companies, like Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt, presenting exciting gaming platforms for online casinos, table games and virtual slots, which are presented in a VR world. In the next few years, VR casinos will be taking over the competition, particularly with the increasing support VR technologies are receiving from the biggest companies like Sony, Valve, Facebook and YouTube, which are strongly promoting its expansion. Most likely, it will become a more affordable technology soon enough.

Smartphones now come fully packed with power and resolution, allowing the best experience when playing mobile games. The online gambling industry noticed this niche opportunity and has developed mobile platforms powered by augmented reality (AR) delivering a new level of interactivity and innovation to the real world. Mobiles are used as viewfinders, which show a virtual world in which a specific algorithm is established to trigger an item or another type of feature to interact with – like it happens when playing Pokémon Go. AR is making the world of gambling turn upside down by offering real interactions with the customer’s favorite slot machines or playing a blackjack game with a preferred dealer, and the shift toward more enhanced, AI-driven gaming solutions will only continue.