Different aspects of the gambling industry are improving due to AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more each day across many sectors like retail sales, hospitality and gambling. The technological advancements in recent years have been making an impact in the online gambling sector as it has been helping to both improve the customer experience and help operations become more efficient and profitable. For the past couple of years, the online gaming space has seen several improvements thanks to AI-based integrations in multiple areas of the operation.

The process of customer onboarding is quite important as gambling companies spend a good portion of their resources bringing customers for the first time, so the quality of those potential consumers and the process of welcoming a new customer needs to be effcient. Besides opening an account in a gambling sites, the onboarding process includes requesting information and sometimes documents from players for security purposes and verification. AI is already being used to request and review certain information and documentation, which is being adapted depending on each person.

AI has also made huge advancements in the service provided to customers who are receiving more personalized recommendations. AI allows for each visitor to be treated individually, as it has the power to surf across large amounts of data and analyze it to figure out what the person plays in the casinos and what other things he or she enjoys, like movies or music, so those interests can be used to create a preferential landing page that the player will be drawn to.

Additionally, online gamblers are receiving top customer services already, which has always been a focus for operators. AI is poised to play a major role in the customer service area with the emergence of chatbots that are getting more knowledgeable and efficient every day. These machines can already answer frequently asked questions, and can do it in a matter of seconds. Having enough agents to provide fast and personalized service can be costly and complex, so at some point in the future, these machines will be able to interact even more with humans.