Land-based casinos are gambling on the future of AI to help protect their customers

Both land-based casinos and online gaming platforms are clear examples of an industry that has been able to benefit from technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI). The sector has made efforts to find out the possibilities of AI to offer personalized croupiers and even robots that patrol in search of more advanced security. Thus, such advances are becoming a decisive factor in the evolution of one of the fastest-growing sectors in recent years.

Today, there are several types of autonomous casino robots on the market. There are two categories; the non-mobile ones, which are generally used to monitor entry and exit points, and the mobile ones, whose use is based on the patrolling of indoor and outdoor areas. Among the security technology companies that provide autonomous security robot services within the gaming market are Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX).

The company announced a few months ago that it has deployed its security robot in partnership with Red Hawk Casino. The operator has put the unit into service at its property in Placerville, CA. The situation-sensitive mobile intelligence unit has been named ROAMEO (Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer).

“We are looking forward to having ROAMEO on our property,” said Christer Farr, vice president of IT at Red Hawk Casino. “ROAMEO will be implemented as a much-needed asset for our security team and as an attraction for our guests. I’m excited to see how our ROAMEO production is coming along.”

The 700-pound mobile security robot stands nearly 7 feet tall. The experts behind its development indicate that ROAMEO can patrol the periphery or inside the property autonomously while sending data and intelligence to its command center. Its tasks include inspecting its surroundings and recording activity during routine patrols.