The casino is the latest to adopt AI technology for its customer service efforts

It is nothing new that companies increasingly want to optimize customer service and, with it, raise the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, the big challenge is to maintain quality, standardize and scale the service. It seems that Three Rivers Casino Resort has set itself this goal. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ally it is turning to in order to achieve it. The resort now joins the client list of OPTX, the startup technology brand focused on optimizing casino player data into real-time information for casino operators.

It hasn’t been that long since the company went public, and it’s comprised of four casino execs who collectively share an idea of the correlation between technology and people, which makes for amazing results. In an effort to greatly improve operational efficiency, OPTX takes large amounts of data from a variety of source systems, runs it through a cleansing process, and then processes it in a concise manner.

Because of this highly efficient service, Three Rivers Casino Resort has chosen OPTX, especially for its player development and AI. Rick Ray, Three Rivers Casino Resort Director of Gaming, said, “The decision to go with OPTX was an easy one. After searching for a solution to analyze our data and provide meaningful recommendations, we could not be more pleased to be implementing OPTX.”

The main goal of OPTX is to provide an end-to-end solution that focuses primarily on marketing campaigns, slots, player development and AI. Through data intelligence, the company is able to create actionable recommendations for casino operators, as well as provide real-time and personalized information to each player.