Advances in artificial intelligence and innovation in gaming are driving a better user experience

The gambling industry has been in steady growth for the past years and some experts estimate that, by 2023, the online gambling industry will reach $525 billion in revenue. Considering all the factors that could support the industry’s growth, the applications of technological advancements are definitely key components. Casino games everywhere are being invaded by technology creating a huge impact on the overall customer’s experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a trending topic in the gambling industry sector, the way is being implemented currently is transforming the business.

One of the most relevant changes for the industry was the beginning of the digitalization era, many traditional card games were enhanced with the help of technology. Parlor games that have been popular for centuries were taken to the digital screen allowing players to engage in games like bingo from the comfort of their own home. On top of that, digitalization allows the game to have new and creative variants, so people find always something new.

AI already started transforming things, but it is unimaginable what it can do for gambling businesses in the future. It was 20 years ago when the first computer was able to beat one of the best chess players and now computers can bet top-rated poker players sitting in a table. Applied to day-to-day tasks, AI is used to make the customer’s experience much better, bots have been designed to answer chat contacts from customers and give answers to queries very similar to human answers. AI can also be used to collect data that creates a customized experience for players who can get suggestions and recommendations based on the specific games they play.

Looking further into the future, another technology that is making its presence felt in the industry is virtual reality (VR). Customers can be transported to other worlds without moving from their chairs, to places like the most popular casinos in the world. VR can make the experience more social, as it can allow interaction with other gamblers and create emotional moments.