AI has quickly become an integral part of all aspects of land-based and online gaming

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to the point where it is a powerful tool to enhance any business, whether it be eSports, multiplayer gaming or even iGaming. Examples of AI can be seen in many applications like robotics, banking, video games, betting and gambling, and gambling operators have been adding AI services to their operations to bring more value to their customers, which is already achieved in many ways.

There are such things as gaming assistants, which can act as a personal assistant that helps the user make a decision or navigating a website. This machine can help gamblers find events, see the odds and even calculate how much they should bet based on the available budget. The best part is that these assistants are trained to listen to vocal commands, which brings an additional benefit to players who don’t like to be typing all the time. This innovation has a second function, serving as a customer support agent that can answer frequently asked questions and, if it can’t, then it will seek human help.

Another benefit brought by AI to the iGaming industry is the ability to recognize certain patterns. For instance, if a player is spotted losing too much money too fast, AI can intervene automatically. If the situation gets more serious, these machines can even suspend accounts and automatically send the user links to helpful pages. Most respected casinos and gambling sites out there have policies for gambling responsibility, but it has been hard to figure out the best way to approach the subject. Now, AI is bound to take the operator’s role in protecting customers to the next level.

Along the same lines, these patterns can also be used to detect other unwanted behaviors like cheaters and frauds. Casinos have been running – sometimes rudimentary – anti-cheat systems for years now. Since the dawn of AI, cheating turned into an almost impossible task. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, these machines can detect even the smallest change in data coming from a player, and it even has the power to ban him immediately.