AI is providing enhanced security for Vegas casinos as they look for ways to reduce rampant violence

Over the past couple of months, Las Vegas has seen more violence than it is accustomed to. This has already led to increased security at casinos and more police officers on the streets, but there is still more that can be done. There has been at least one shooting almost every weekend since September, and casinos are stepping up how they provide security in order to keep their guests safe. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping fulfill those goals and lower the violence found in Vegas.

One AI solution, PATSCAN, was introduced through a partnership between The Plaza Hotel-Casino and Patriot One Technologies. Using AI, the casino can detect “firearms, explosives, and given today’s pandemic, it also detects thermal for temperature readings as well as face coverings and masks,” according to The Plaza GM Jay Franken.

PATSCAN uses multiple hidden sensors powered by AI to identify potentially dangerous weapons or objects that are being carried by individuals or in their belongings. It is unobtrusive and passive, meaning guests of any property where the sensors are installed don’t interact with the devices. It has been proven effective at alerting for the presence of guns, knives and other arms, and can even identify health risks.

Giving casino patrons a safer environment without extensive increases in cost is the goal of every property. AI is making it possible without altering the customer experience, while ensuring operators can provide the level of service demanding gamblers expect.