Different forms of artificial intelligence found in video games is now part of the casino world

The development of online casino games has been marked by technological advancements, with many of them coming from developments that were already made in the video game industry. This fact has been a trend over the years as the video gaming industry has had more than a decade of advantage regarding development. The future online gambling industry will be driven by major changes brought by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or virtual reality (VR), as online casinos continue to embrace the adoption of innovations from the video gaming sector, to serve the customer better and attract new ones.

One of the two future members of the online casino industry in the next few years will be VR and augmented reality (AR), which is still in its first steps of integration due to several reasons like the expensive gear. Casino players are not used to using VR gear yet, but when they do, it can provide a gaming immersion as never seen before. Now more than ever, online casinos are beginning to offer a service that can compete head to head with land-based casinos with the added benefit that people can do it from the comfort of their own home. AR, on the other hand, is still new but not that hard to find nowadays. Instead of providing a full immersion, AR places gaming objects in real living spaces like playing blackjack on the kitchen counter and spin some slots from the bathroom.

Beyond that, online casinos are looking into the future when thinking that someone could get rid of the computer or mobile to begin using hand gestures to play, just as you would in land-based casinos. Gesture recognition is one of the many contributions AI is bringing to the casino industry from the video game world. This technology uses 3D cameras to track several different points on the hand to recognize a card flicking or a slot spin. This technology is poised to be a vital part of future online casinos, especially with land-based casinos struggling with major changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.