AI is capable of monitoring more activity simultaneously to better protect casinos

The rapid spread of the use of video analytics in surveillance systems is due to a combination of technological and operational factors that are driving this well-established trend in the security market. This favors the evolution and availability of advanced video analysis algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI). Now, a new solution created through Netwatch North America and Eagle Eye Networks will be able to provide a proactive video monitoring service to take casino security to the next level.

Many operators of physical casinos have opted for AI to keep their facilities much more secure. Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) is a combination of cloud-based video and audio monitoring initiatives with AI technology. With this tool, casino operators will get AI-filtered alerts, reducing false positive alarms while providing the performance and simplicity required by modern organizations, such as casinos.

This solution is installed in strategic places in the casino, such as corridors, cash registers, common areas, pantries or archive areas. The objective is to be able to observe each area and thus visualize what visitors and customers are doing in your business, verifying the images through the video gateway if appropriate.

“The integration will improve security and efficiency for multi-site customers for whom false positive alarm reduction is critical to daily operations,” said Ken Francis, the President of Eagle Eye Networks. “The Netwatch integration provides customers with expanded functionality, including live-audio voice downs and artificial intelligence-filtered alerts. Intelligent alerts distinguish between actionable and non-actionable events.”