Using AI to improve data collection is improving how casinos interact with customers

We are living in a very interesting time in which emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), offer the potential to reshape every part of society changing the way people do things. Before data analytics, the data was processed manually with the help of spreadsheets and graphics, but new AI-powered analytic tools can process large data sets and extract important insights that are relevant to the business. The gambling industry is already taking advantage of both virtual reality (VR) and analytics tools to create a useful tool in which information can be displayed, analyzed and manipulated to bring new ideas to the business.

This could be the next big thing regarding the application of VR in the current world. By consolidating VR with Big Data, this will bring a tool that will improve the constraints of human perception. The more data that is gathered by AI software, the more data is accumulated coming from user interaction, which is a constant source of information for businesses to provide new and better services.

A casino gathers data from a gambler sitting in a slot machine, aspects like time spent playing, games played, time engaged in each game, interests, patterns, etc. All that information is processed and analyzed by software that combines VR and Big Data to display data in ways that humans wouldn’t think of, smart mapping, smart routines, machine learning and AI-empowered tools can send this data into a VR environment that allows the user to sort through the data and improve on comprehensiveness through an immersive experience.

Casinos and online gaming are already using data gathering to improve the customer’s experience and AI-empowered software provides data analytics. A few online casinos are already implementing VR to immerse gambler into a nearly real casino experience. This next step can take the service level and personalization to the next level.