The iGaming ecosystem is changing rapidly as new AI-based features are developed

Major advancements are being brought to the online gaming industry with the potential to continue the development of more features in ways that are yet unthinkable. The increased popularity of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are already making dramatic changes in this sector, and the next decade might include more VR development that many people believe will revolutionize online casinos. It is too soon to be certain if VR casinos are going to be the next big thing, but the trend of offering a more realistic experience to customers goes well with what a VR casino could offer in the future.

The aim of any casino operator is to keep its customers happy, so they will not play somewhere else. Online casinos operate in an environment full of competition; therefore, technology is being used to enhance the entertainment value, so current customers stay, and new ones are attracted. VR casinos could include open bars, social areas and other spaces to socialize, which can imitate the experience in a land-based casino as many people use it as an opportunity to meet new people. Other activities that VR casinos could run in the future could be shows and concerts that can keep a person engaged for longer periods.

Besides more activities to fit more tastes, the gaming experience will become much more realistic. Online casinos are in a constant struggle to provide their customers with an experience that is as immersive as the one seen in brick and mortar casinos. This realistic experience might not be ready in less than ten years from now, but, when it is, gamblers could play tables games or slot machines in a VR casinos that could be a lot more satisfying than just playing online from a computer or smartphone using today’s technology.

The merger of AI with VR is another key point that will evolve things to new levels. More devices now are integrating AI capabilities, like chatboxes or better recommendations to users, that can be used for any activity. But for VR casinos of the future, this AI integration could mean games and social areas being attended by AI-powered bartenders and dealer who can give human-like answers and VIP service to any customer.