Artificial intelligence has caused more advances in gaming than what had been seen in decades

The online gaming industry has been open to integrating new technologies since its beginnings so that it could stay on top of the competition, but now has become more of a necessity. Even though the online gambling industry has been growing impressively, it still struggles to attract millennials, who are not impressed anymore by what casinos can offer to younger generations. Therefore, there are technology companies servicing the gambling industry already looking into new developments to attract this lucrative group of the population. This is where the potential of virtual reality (VR) features can come in handy.

The video game industry, for instance, has managed to combine the best from both worlds by adding luck and gambling features in video games. By observing its popularity, it is easily proven that this new generation of economically-active population enjoys gambling but not in the same way that traditional casinos offer. So, VR can help casinos to deliver an even more immersive experience to gamblers that will result in new opportunities for the gambling operators.

VR is not adopted yet by many; it is still in the process of overcoming several factors that are still slowing down its progress. However, experts estimate that in the next five years, VR will be going through some explosive growth. The arrival of the 5G mobile network and the VR’s mass adoption will allow the development of fully portable and affordable VR headsets.

VR can help the online gaming industry to cross the bridge of limited social interaction, which is one of the aspects that makes gambling in land-based casinos so exciting. VR can offer multiple ways to allow players to interact with each other and empower that social aspect. Some online poker sites have started to add this kind of feature, like voice software that can read instructions to make a call, pass or raise by giving voice commands to the computer. Even customer service can be taken to the next level. Imagine online casinos featuring avatars to provide personalized, unique support to a gambler. Or, players building their own avatars to be recognized in the community.