Different forms of artificial intelligence are shaping how gaming is presented to consumers

There are many technologies rising that are starting to become mainstream in diverse markets, and with projections to grow even bigger, just as virtual reality (VR). This is a concept that has been in development in recent times and, even though it started as something too expensive to be affordable to masses, it is slowly getting refined and getting more attention from giant companies, such as Sony or HTC. As VR becomes a more accessible technology with time, it opens up options for casinos to integrate this feature into its services. VR applied to casinos could really change the industry and attract new kinds of players to its grounds.

Lately, there are developers already working on offering to the online gaming industry the next generation of services through the use of VR, such as NetEnt. What this software does is to simulate the environment that can be enjoyed at the best casinos in the world, without even having to leave your house. Among stakeholders and casino owners, the general belief is that taking casinos to their customers’ houses could be a key feature to enter a massive market in upcoming years. Currently, a few other online casino providers exist that are already offering virtual casino games, such as Jack’s VR World, SlotMillion and NetEnt virtual live casino. These are just the first steps of all features that can be added to online casinos by using virtual reality.

More tech-dedicated companies will continue rising in the upcoming years as well as current startups will continue growing and most likely become big companies. This lucrative business still has some roadblocks to overcome and when it does, it will be a true success. Issues such as the exorbitant prices to access the hardware that can connect players to virtual sites, as well as the general quality of the virtual casino itself, are still being questioned. At some point – sooner than later – if the same trend continues, this VR machines will become affordable for most players. The final goal is for players and gamblers from all over the world to be able to interact through this technology.