Not only is AI encroaching on all industries, it’s becoming a primary component

Even if it is still an emerging technology, the significant advancements artificial intelligence (AI) has brought to the gambling industry are so many that it’s becoming a must for any operator to make use of these fantastic tools. There are key factors that operators have to pay constant attention to, as they could easily get in the way of a healthy profit, such as fraud and theft, inefficient security and analytics, as well as the potentially great marketing offers that operators are not taking advantage of. AI is bringing improvements to all of these key factors and helping the operators to maximize their profits.

One of the major contributions AI has made to the gambling industry is the service provided to surveillance teams. AI can record, process and quickly analyze mountains of surveillance data that could help the security team spot irregularities easily. For instance, this technology can be used across the casino floor to track the customer’s progress by using facial recognition features. In this way, the AI system can create a trace of a player’s journey around the casino. This data can be used to have a database of customers where high-value players can be spotted easily, as well as recognizing fraudsters.

With the same technology, operators can get help from AI machines to make sure they comply with the law, specifically the anti-money laundering compliance, which is a major concern for casinos. AI can monitor transactions in real-time and take quick actions. Situations such as identifying transactions over the amount that must be reported to the IRS or preventing individuals wanted by law enforcement from participating in gambling on the casino floor.

In addition to that, the ability to process those large amounts of data can also boost the casinos’ profits; something as simple as reorganizing a casino layout can make a difference in the average profit per patron. This and other predictive analytics, which are backed by AI and facial matching technology, can give operators insights to not only figure out the best way to organize the floors, but also to quickly identify key areas of low profitability throughout the gaming floor and make the necessary changes.