GreenPark Sports has huge plans for AI-based sports programs

The video game industry has been at the center of the artificial intelligence (AI) development, functioning as a training camp for many of its applications since the beginning of this technology. Most video games and eSports companies are now looking into ways of integrating AI into their systems so it can be launched to the next level. A video game and eSports startup company named GreenPark Sports has just signed a licensing agreement with the enterprise AI platform, DataRobot so that it can be integrated into its own services.

Founders of renowned companies are behind this startup. It was launched and co-founded by Chad Hurley, co-founder and former Chief Executive of YouTube; Nick Swinmurn, founder and former CEO of online retailer Zappos Inc.; and Ken Martin, co-founder and former chief creative officer of ad agency Blitz. Besides that, the leader running operations at GreenPark comes from Activision Blizzard Inc., one of its co-founders Alan Miller.

“Personalization is essential to creating compelling digital experiences, and AI is a key enabler for understanding user intent and preferences and recommending next best actions,” Martin, who serves as the company’s CEO, said in a statement. “Our data scientists and game designers work together to embed AI throughout our platform. And to accomplish that requires best-in-class machine learning technology. We selected DataRobot to provide this not simply for their superior technology but also for their significant experience applying it to sports and gaming.”

According to DataRobot, its machine learning techniques applied in GreenPark Sports would allow the company to personalize the experience that is delivered to its customers, serving as a means to understand and engage gamers. “GreenPark Sports is a compelling extension of our sizable sports and gaming client base,” said Andrew Engel, DataRobot’s general manager of sports and gaming. “Our customers already include several professional baseball, basketball and hockey teams, and GreenPark Sports has outlined a compelling vision for how they will use our platform to engage sports and esports fans.”