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Bob Garcia is an online marketer with 15+ years of Search Engine Marketing experience. His passion for online poker and an increasing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) sparked the idea of creating

Casinos can now take advantage of Adobe’s artificial intelligence-based marketing tools

Adobe is no longer just a photo editing solution as it begins to offer AI-based digital marketing software As far as being able to edit photos or any type of graphic, Adobe’s Photoshop became the go-to solution. It reached such a high level of popularity that it even became an accepted verb, with everyone “photoshopping”

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The future of iGaming can be found in artificial intelligence and virtual reality

Today’s iGaming space is rudimentary compared to what will be possible going forward with AI Few innovations have disrupted the casino industry in a positive way more than artificial intelligence (AI). It is now found in different aspects of physical gaming, but is making an even bigger impact in the online gaming segment. The push

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Artificial intelligence is helping online casinos grow their brands internationally

AI’s ability to simulate human behavior is enabling an entirely new market for online casinos Different groups of people are known to have distinctive traits not necessarily shared by others. When catering to one or the other, a lot of time and resources are allocated to understanding and deciphering the intended target markets. However, artificial

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Practical applications of AI for the online casino industry

Artificial intelligence can give the online gaming industry a number of benefits to improve the user experience While some are still skeptical about the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), this doesn’t detract from the fact that it has proven to be beneficial on a number of levels. The ability to process data and improve operations

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Artificial intelligence is enabling better safety testing for online casinos

AI is now going to be a permanent part of online casino operations The online gaming ecosystem has advanced substantially over the past several years, and, as it progresses, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more pronounced. This is partly due to the fact that AI has improved tremendously over the past year, but also because of

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New AI-based metal detectors could help protect land-based casinos

The security devices can reportedly scan ten times faster than conventional metal detectors One issue with land-based casinos is that they deal with a lot of cash. There has been no shortage of individuals looking for a get-rich scheme by trying to rob casinos, and there was even a well-known movie franchise created around the

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AI-driven content automation is changing online gaming and sports gambling

Content automation allows operators to provide better content at a lower cost The expansion of online gaming and artificial intelligence (AI) have been running parallel to each other and, more recently, have started to merge. As iGaming becomes more popular and virtual casinos and sportsbooks come online, AI is making a major entrance into the

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AI is making online gaming more secure and easier to use

The iGaming industry is rapidly adapting to the enhancements afforded by AI Online gaming has grabbed more attention lately, especially since it is able to weather storms like COVID-19 better. Along with its rise in popularity, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) is making the iGaming industry even stronger by providing solutions that offer greater

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Online gaming operators can improve their marketing efforts with new AI tools

Mailchimp is bringing in AI to help marketers make easier work of their activity The online gambling industry is quite large, but it is also a very competitive one; therefore, the operators who are finding success in the industry have a special focus on marketing strategies. These efforts involve the implementation of well-designed strategies and

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How algorithms are improving the sports gambling market

Artificial intelligence-based computer algorithms are giving oddsmakers better data The basis of artificial intelligence (AI) is carefully thought-out algorithms that can teach machines to do virtually anything. Algorithms are not a new thing and they have been taking over multiple tasks from the simplest ones to more complicated ones like self-driving cars. In the gambling

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