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Artificial intelligence is creating innovation in marketing for gaming operators

Marketing operations are increasingly easier thanks to artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the present and the future, and marketing has not managed to escape that reality. With the ability to gather vast amounts of information and then learn from it, AI is transforming the way iGaming operators perceive opportunities in the digital world.

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Gaming Intelligence is delivering AI-based solutions to the gaming industry

The company is introducing a new artificial intelligence tool to assist the betting ecosystem Sports fans who entertain themselves by betting on their favorite events can now enjoy a new real-time betting odds and data platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The recent launch of Gaming Intelligence will undoubtedly change the experience of many users

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Artificial intelligence continues to take a leading role with iGaming operators

The iGaming ecosystem is receiving a lot of advantages from the adoption of AI The iGaming sector reigns in many countries in Asia, Europe and, of course, in the US, where Las Vegas is considered the mecca of a leisure and entertainment sector with a promising future thanks, among other factors, to the impulse given

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AI-based data collection helps gaming operators make better decisions

Artificial intelligence can aggregate and process data faster than any alternative Business managers are constantly faced with issues that are key to the optimal functioning of their activity. These decisions can mark the future of the business, for better or worse. Fortunately, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions is a resource that has arrived

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New AI solution for gambling protection emerges

Gordon Moody is leading an effort with Mindway AI to improve gaming operations Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology with diverse applications in various industries, including online gambling. It is primarily used for problem gambling, specifically for the constant verification of patterns and behaviors of players who may not be following the right path. Gordon

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AI is helping iGaming operators reduce payment processing errors

Artificial intelligence is able to identify errors and reduce payment mishaps instantly Today, all technologies are constantly evolving, and online payment is following the trends. So, the big question is how artificial intelligence (AI) can impact online payments in the short term. Online shopping and payments have expanded much further with the help of AI.

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Artificial intelligence levels the playing field in the online gaming space

AI-based solutions are providing a greater amount of fairness in online games Online casinos have become an ever-growing industry for some time now. Undoubtedly, technology has helped the industry grow exponentially to become what many know it as today. And the advances in the online casino space do not stop. Every time, new functionalities are

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iGaming operators find more benefits in AI for customer support

Artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever for iGaming operators to improve customer attention Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the way different industries work. Experts believe that in the next few years, a point may be reached where it will be impossible to distinguish between a human and an AI-based agent. iGaming operators

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators draft solid contracts

AI is ensuring iGaming operators have better legal protection as they create new deals Today there are industries whose companies have contracts for everything. To get an idea, there are different online casinos that can manage hundreds of contracts simultaneously. These contracts often accumulate without much organization or structure around them. To manage them, companies

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AI-based Genius Sports teams up with Bally’s online gaming platform

Genius Sports is leveraging its AI solutions across the entire iGaming spectrum The iGaming market is now evidencing a great joining of forces after artificial intelligence (AI) based Genius Sports announced its new data agreement with Bally's Interactive, the digital gaming unit of casino operator Bally's. The financial terms of the deal are not yet

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