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iGaming operators are making the most of AI to improve customer support

Artificial intelligence is raising the bar on how online casinos address customer satisfaction Technological evolution, demographic changes, artificial intelligence (AI) in customer support, transformations in the world of work and globalization are factors that are shaping society and radically impacting the way people consume. The cognitive era is the revolution of technology applied to business.

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Artificial intelligence is creating better live dealer games for online casinos

Software development by iGaming operators is reaching new heights through AI Both land-based casinos and online gaming platforms are a clear examples of an industry that has been able to benefit from technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI). The sector has made efforts to find out the possibilities of AI to offer more sophisticated

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AI and ML are taking over online casino game development

Artificial intelligence is making it easier for iGaming companies to deliver new products Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) develops computer systems that simulate the cognitive abilities of people, which are used to solve tasks quickly and accurately. In the iGaming industry, game developers have implemented this technological tool and machine learning (ML) to obtain endless benefits

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The CEO of Mobinc understands the role of AI in iGaming

Artificial intelligence is becoming a primary asset for iGaming innovation Strategies in the iGaming industry to offer a personalized, bigger and more attractive service have grown at a proportional pace, especially as players become more and more demanding. According to Sergei Belikov, CEO of Mobinc, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, proving to this

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“Generative AI” is proving vital to iGaming marketing

The next phase of artificial intelligence innovation is a game-changer for online casinos The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be a major game changer for companies within the iGaming industry. This technology, which enables the creation of original content by learning from existing data, has the power to revolutionize this

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Artificial intelligence helps iGaming operators develop new games

AI is providing the fuel for innovation and creativity for online casinos Little by little, artificial intelligence (AI) applications have begun to make inroads into the world of Internet casinos. It has been proven that any type of eBusiness benefits significantly from this advanced technology, which is currently focused mainly on computer security, customer service

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Artificial intelligence is creating better online poker

AI is making online poker better for players, as well as operators Poker has a long history, and as time goes by, it has been modified in such a way that it connects millions of users around the world. The gaming industry has shown that it adapts quickly to new consumer trends, so it is

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Mindway AI is helping change the online gaming environment

The AI technology is a strong ally of the iGaming space Gambling and gaming have benefited from the various achievements that artificial intelligence (AI) has made on online platforms, especially when it comes to player protection. A host of authorities are becoming increasingly strict about customer safety, and that has caused the North American iGaming

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Artificial intelligence is leading to better ROI for iGaming operators

Achieving better financial strength is possible through artificial intelligence Advanced automation is growing exponentially in a very short time because the current era requires a very high speed. That is why artificial intelligence (AI) not only helps to increase the competitiveness of the company but also helps to achieve the agility needed to adapt to

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AI solution Simplify to support online gaming software provider SoftMaya

Artificial intelligence will give the gaming provider additional leverage in the iGaming ecosystem Symplify, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and CRM cloud solutions, seems to have started the year with a new ally that relies on its efficient services. SoftMaya, a provider of online and offline gaming software, wants to maintain a cutting-edge platform

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