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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators with their recruiting

AI solutions help iGaming operators find the better candidates for jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to emerge as the next big change in the recruitment and selection processes of the various operators within the iGaming industry. Its implementation has come to simplify an intensive process in hours, susceptible to errors, without precise metrics and

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators settle contracts

Contract negotiations and deals are now more efficient because of AI Today there are industries whose companies have contracts for everything. To get an idea, there are different online casinos that can manage hundreds of contracts simultaneously. These contracts often accumulate without much organization or structure around them. To manage them, companies traditionally use contract

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California casino taps artificial intelligence to help run operations

Eagle Mountain Casino is using an AI-based solution for player development A casino located in Porterville, CA, is very clear that always being at the forefront of technology is an important key to surviving in the era that the world is living in today. That is why Eagle Mountain Casino has decided to select the

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iGaming B2B marketing activity is improving with artificial intelligence

As online casino operators focus on B2B deals, AI is there to help If there is one thing iGaming operators rely on, it is B2B Networking. This is a model of information transmission on the network related to the commercial transactions that the different online casinos carry out. In the marketing world, B2B is known

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Online gaming platforms have an advanced customer service tool in AI

AI can now effectively respond, giving iGaming operators a better customer service solution COVID-19 has come to change in a big way how too many industries have to operate, especially when it comes to customer interaction. Contactless business has become more than necessary, and both employees and customers are required to interact with systems to

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The iGaming customer experience is improving thanks to artificial intelligence

It's now easier than ever to offer great customer service through artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to be seen as an essential tool to greatly improve the customer experience in many industries, and iGaming can never be left behind. Customer experience is of increasing concern and streamlining responses to solve their problems has

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AI continues to advance digital marketing for the iGaming industry

Artificial intelligence allows iGaming operators to clarify their marketing strategies Nowadays, there is no professional in the technology sectors who is not aware of this reality; in the world of marketing and new technologies, the same concept is repeated over and over again: artificial intelligence (AI). Until a few years ago, iGaming operators were somewhat

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AI is helping iGaming operators predict user preferences, catch cheaters

Artificial intelligence is a great tool for enhancing the online gaming experience Over the past few years, it has been noticed how the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) is being felt in a wide range of industries, especially iGaming. Today, gambling websites that have remained revolutionary use chatbots and random number generators (RNGs) so that

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Artificial intelligence makes it easy for iGaming operators to develop custom software

Creating new iGaming content has become a lot simpler through artificial intelligence As brilliant minds with unique ideas embrace and engage a fashionable industry and technologies, a radical transformation is inevitable. Custom software development in the iGaming industry is not a new concept, but what is new is how this area is strongly embracing artificial

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Artificial intelligence has a place helping iGaming operators address gambling addiction

AI is allowing iGaming operators to easily target problem gambling Addiction to gambling and gaming, in general, is one of the problems facing many Americans today, in some cases with serious economic and social consequences. Compulsive gamblers, those who, despite the damage they cause themselves, are unable to set a limit on their own, are

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