AI-based chatbots are more than just a customer service tool for gaming operators

Chatbots are becoming a vital tool for iGaming operators, including to help with data processing Competition in the intelligent applications market constantly includes new technological advances that translate into functionalities for the user. The development and programming that brings the application to life are broadly defined as artificial intelligence (AI) and its interaction with people

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AI chatbots could greatly help the casino industry

Expect the customer experience to have a completely different feel in the future Considering the many functionalities artificial intelligence (AI) has, it is clear that it has come to help humans to simplify time-intensive, complicated tasks that have been done by humans throughout history. Even if the integration of AI is still on its infancy,

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AI chatbots are helping visitors in Las Vegas

Artificial intelligence and chatbots aren’t just for online gaming The biggest and most popular city in the world for gambling, Las Vegas, has been introducing artificial intelligence (AI) devices in some locations across town to help the visitors. There is a chatbot located at Miracle Mile Shops that has been active for more than a

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AI becomes an integral part of gambling ops with chatbots, automation

All forms of gambling activity are being improved with the introduction of new customer experience tools One of the biggest changes that artificial intelligence (AI) is working on bringing to the business world is the automation of companies' processes. Especially in the customer service area, automation can bring many benefits through the use of chatbots.

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