AI-supported cloud gaming is impacting the iGaming industry

Operating in the cloud gives iGaming operators more flexibility and security through AI tools The iGaming industry has always been a pioneer when it comes to adapting the latest and most advanced technologies. The sector has come a long way from when it started in the 90s, and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual

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Cloud security is improving greatly for iGaming operators through artificial intelligence

New AI-based tools allow iGaming operators to enhance fraud detection and compliance checks Many iGaming operators currently have large amounts of unprotected workloads with no efficient way to secure them. Often, the entities are managing multiple, single-purpose security solutions to protect these workload stacks, which can create operational burdens and security gaps. However, thanks to

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How artificial intelligence and cloud technology will change iGaming this year and beyond

The online casino segment is going to see major improvements thanks to AI The casino industry is evolving rapidly, especially the iGaming segment. Even before COVID-19 forced the entire industry to make changes, innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology was leading to changes, but these were propelled even quicker because of the global

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