AI is leading the way in CRM activity for iGaming operators

Customer management is improving through the use of artificial intelligence Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have been making life much easier for companies for years, thanks to the degree of automation that this technological tool achieves. With CRM, operators in the iGaming industry are relieving themselves of many routine functions that once took up most

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iGaming operators now have access to a free AI-based CRM solution is offering a free trial of its AI CRM offering to gaming companies Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to CRM is a growing need in the iGaming industry. Applying the potential of AI to customer relationship management systems provides advantages that until recently were difficult to imagine. Fortunately for many of the operators in the

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New AI-powered solution can help iGaming operators improve the customer experience

Symplify adds new AI tools to its CRM platform that enhances CX initiatives Stockholm-based cloud services firm Symplify has made some improvements to its CRM ecosystem through artificial intelligence (AI)-powered hyper-personalization and recommendation software. Symplify, by incorporating this powerful application, ensures that operators in the iGaming market have access to the most relevant data immediately,

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