iGaming operators continue to find better online protection through artificial intelligence

Cyber-protection is stronger than ever for iGaming operators because of AI It is no secret that cybersecurity is one of the most important issues to take into account for the proper security of the iGaming industry. Cyberattack rates have not declined in recent years, but it is possible that these threats will remain mere attempts

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Online casinos are combining human and artificial intelligence for better security

Artificial intelligence and human intelligence merge to increase cybersecurity for iGaming platforms Cybersecurity has made huge improvements over the past several years, in no small part to the introduction of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Online platforms that are required to maximize their security efforts, such as virtual casinos, have been able to

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Artificial intelligence is helping casinos online casinos make their platforms more secure

Cybersecurity is getting better thanks to artificial intelligence A cybersecurity attack, at the very least, disrupts platform operations for a certain amount of time; at the worst, it takes platforms offline completely for days on end. Online casinos can’t afford to experience downtime, as they immediately begin to lose money and customers. Providing extensive cybersecurity

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