Artificial intelligence is creating better emails for iGaming operators

Online casino operators are using AI to personalize contact with their users In the modern world of online marketing, it is important for online business owners to keep up with the latest trends in marketing and technology. Email marketing automation is one such trend, and artificial intelligence (AI) can be an invaluable tool to help

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New AI-based solution can help iGaming operators protect themselves from email threats

New artificial intelligence tools are giving operators better security over their technology The first step to establish the best defense against a potential cyberattack is to incorporate a solution that includes preventive monitoring, user education, adequate patching, and incident management. However, today, options have been developed that can transcend this basic configuration, one of the

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators improve their marketing efforts

AI can have a number of benefits to improve gaming operators’ email marketing Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to marketing can serve to offer a better quality of service and achieve greater engagement from individuals who have already interacted with the iGaming industry today. Without a doubt, AI is the most significant advancement in technology since

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The casino industry is finding better email protection through AI-secured cloud services

Cloud-based email gateways that incorporate AI are better at securing email traffic There’s no such thing as having too much security for an online platform, especially those whose livelihood and reputation depend on uptime. However, costs can be significantly high to fully protect these platforms. Casinos, both land-based and virtual, need to ensure full security

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