Online gaming, eSports are revolutionizing the gaming industry through artificial intelligence

The world of gambling is going to be completely different five years from now due to AI eSports and online casino gaming were once unknown industries with minor successes, but, in the past few years, both sectors have become multi-billion-dollar industries expanding across the globe. One of the main reasons behind the whopping growth experienced

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AI is transforming all aspects of online gaming and eSports

AI is now an embedded component of iGaming and eSports The past decade gave space for two major industries to grow even bigger: eSports and online casinos. Thanks to technological advancements, these two industries have shown the most significant developments among operators in the entertainment industry. Like everything that is new, both industries had a

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YouTube-backed eSports startup to employ DataRobot’s artificial intelligence solution

GreenPark Sports has huge plans for AI-based sports programs The video game industry has been at the center of the artificial intelligence (AI) development, functioning as a training camp for many of its applications since the beginning of this technology. Most video games and eSports companies are now looking into ways of integrating AI into

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