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AI is coming to more casinos and gambling venues to enhance responsible gambling

The use of AI-based facial recognition continues to expand across the casino industry Starting next year, visitors to casinos and pubs in New South Wales (NSW) will be able to have a much more enjoyable and safer experience thanks to the implementation of new facial recognition technology. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), it

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Facial recognition is here to stay in online gambling

More iGaming sites are adopting facial recognition to adhere with regulatory policies The technological advancements made by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) so far are enough to allow online gambling operations to start using facial recognition (FR) in their operations. However, the implementation does not only depend on the reach of the technology itself

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AI-based facial recognition is providing better casino security

Some may oppose the idea, but facial recognition has a legitimate place in keeping casinos safe Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition are being used by major casino operators across the globe, mainly to help them quickly identify a person that should not be there, although it has plenty of other functionalities,

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New facial recognition tool comes to the gaming industry

Online and live casinos are rapidly adopting AI technology to improve their operations The online gaming market is growing at a fast pace and in response to a growing market, more companies are developing technological tools to better serve the industry. Innovative Technology (ITL) recently released an Application Programming Interface (API) alternative to its proprietary

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AI being used to identify problem gamblers through facial recognition

Advanced artificial intelligence can understand if someone could be addicted to gambling Casinos have been early adopters of technological advancements, particularly of facial recognition technology. Now, casinos might be looking into the next level of on-site security with a new tool presented by artificial intelligence (AI) company Human. The company has announced that they developed

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AI, facial recognition are going to reshape physical casino operations

The casinos of yesterday will soon be replaced completely by new technology The gambling industry handles large amounts of cash every day; therefore, creating a safe and secure environment for the company while maintaining visitors as a priority. Over a hundred casino executives, industry analysts and lawyers came together last Friday at the UNLV Boyd

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Poker players getting behind facial recognition for online games

A recent poll found overwhelming support from players for the inclusion of facial recognition One of the most difficult things to monitor when it comes to online gaming is the process of figuring out if, behind the screen, there is a real person playing, or something else. Online poker has been popular for a while

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