AI is improving fraud prevention for online casinos

Artificial intelligence makes it easier for iGaming operators to identify potential fraud and scams Like most types of crime, fraud has been around for centuries. Counterfeiting, scams, and schemes have been around long before computers were invented, but the digital age has taken fraud to a new level of sophistication and global reach. As the

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AI is helping prevent fraud and cheating in online gaming

Cleaning up online gaming is one of the fundamental challenges of the industry Artificial intelligence (AI), in simple terms, is the ability of a robot or computer to perform human tasks. It has established its roots in human life and in all aspects. People still do not fully understand what AI does in the iGaming

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iGaming operators continue to find good reasons to use AI to detect online fraud

Artificial intelligence can rapidly detect and report fraud in iGaming operations Online casinos are using artificial intelligence (AI) not only as a tool to improve customer experience, but also to protect themselves from fraud. Operators in the iGaming industry are not only using AI to protect the integrity of their operations but also to find

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Artificial Intelligence is helping 888poker return money to poker players

The online poker platform is using AI to reduce fraud and protect its users All iGaming operators face the problem of accounts that are aided or assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). However, 888poker claims it has made significant progress in addressing this issue due to investments in fair poker gaming technology, which also makes the

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AI-based anti-fraud solutions help reduce financial waste in the iGaming space

Using artificial intelligence to stop financial fraud is allowing iGaming operators to reduce losses Artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses improve their operations on a number of levels and can also help them protect themselves better. SoftSwiss Managed Services recently announced that the service, which focuses on investigating suspicious activity at online casinos, has solved

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators mitigate fraud

Early online fraud detection can save gaming operators millions of dollars The iGaming industry is one of the sectors that has benefited the most with the integration of technology. Specifically, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is an ally in the prevention and mitigation of fraud. For the gaming sector, it is essential to have

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Artificial intelligence helps iGaming platforms safe from digital fraud

AI solutions are protecting gaming operators and their customers' transactions Today, it is not only the financial sector that needs to verify documentation quickly and securely. More and more businesses are being born 100% digital, and it is highly probable that all of them need to verify the identity of their customers remotely. Facial recognition

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Account fraud detection by casinos is getting an upgrade through artificial intelligence

Online casinos can take advantage of new AI-based tools to verify account identification Technology has become sophisticated to the point that online identification theft is a constant threat. Online casinos are required to ensure that anyone creating an account can have his or her identity verified, which now requires a greater level of sophistication than

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Artificial intelligence to help online casinos prevent fraud

AI is helping improve security and provide better transparency for online gaming A global threat that continues to grow alongside emerging technologies is cyber fraud, and, as one of the most dangerous economic crimes, companies are investing a lot of resources into fighting it back. Historically, online casinos have been the usual targets of cybercriminals,

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Artificial intelligence has helped to keep online gaming fraud down during COVID-19

The amount of scams in iGaming since the coronavirus pandemic began has not been significant A recently released analysis from a global credit bureau last week focused on reviewing current global online fraud trends. TransUnion found that telecommunications, e-commerce and financial services industries have been increasingly impacted by fraud, while online gaming saw no major

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