Artificial intelligence is helping fight gambling addiction

New tools are emerging that harness the power of AI to increase responsible gambling Compulsive gambling is a serious problem, affecting millions of people in the US. For some time now, all kinds of systems have been tried in the fight against it, with results that do not achieve the desired results. In the iGaming

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New AI solution for gambling protection emerges

Gordon Moody is leading an effort with Mindway AI to improve gaming operations Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology with diverse applications in various industries, including online gambling. It is primarily used for problem gambling, specifically for the constant verification of patterns and behaviors of players who may not be following the right path. Gordon

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Belgian gaming company develops AI software to identify gambling risks

Gaming1 has figured out how to capitalize on AI for better iGaming protections It is no secret that one of the biggest criticisms of the gambling and iGaming industry is the addiction that people can become attached to. However, Gaming1, based in Liège, Belgium, does not intend to stand idly by in the face of

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Artificial intelligence is helping the gambling industry become more sustainable

The use of AI is now at the forefront of all gaming operations, both land-based and virtual As more companies and individuals begin to better understand artificial intelligence (AI), the technology is finding its way into all aspects of business operations. AI’s ability to process massive amounts of data in seconds has allowed it to

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Online betting segments continue to be enhanced through artificial intelligence

AI is going to allow new forms of gambling that currently cannot be offered The gambling industry has already seen a lot of improvements through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), but the technology is just now finding its place. Within the next couple of years, as AI improves and becomes more robust, it will

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Online gambling is getting a makeover from virtual reality

Innovation in virtual reality is helping develop a whole new era of iGaming The idea of a virtual reality (VR) casino may have seemed like something only of science fiction movies a few years ago, but it’s curious how often real life follows sci-fi. With artificial intelligence (AI) now taking center stage in a lot

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Artificial intelligence is taking luck out of gambling

AI solutions are leveling the playing field for gamblers and giving them better chances of winning In more ways than one, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the gaming industry. There are benefits to both casino operators and gamblers, and one of the most important factors that will drive growth is the ability to win. AI

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Artificial intelligence to lead online gaming as the preferred choice among gamblers

The rapid inclusion of AI in online casinos and virtual gambling has become the catalyst for greater adoption Online gaming was already on its way to becoming a strong competitor to brick-and-mortar casinos, but it has gained a strong advantage due to artificial intelligence (AI). There are a number of reasons why this has been

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AI, virtual reality to lead the way toward a $160-billion gambling industry by 2026

Artificial intelligence will drastically alter online gaming over the next couple of years Online services, in general, are poised to become the new giants in the business world during this decade, and that includes in the online gambling space, as well. According to a new study published by Global Market Insights, a market research firm,

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AI-based gambling solutions to grow significantly through next year

Artificial intelligence is going to help the iGaming industry reach four times its current value The technological development that involves releasing virtual reality (VR) products is becoming more accessible with time and that waiting period has allowed somehow for people to prepare for the adoption of this technology on a more regular basis in the

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