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Artificial intelligence is helping gaming operators improve their HR activity

AI-based solutions are making it easier for iGaming operators to manage personnel Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to the field of Human Resources involves the use of state-of-the-art digital technologies. Its implementation offers multiple benefits to those who work in this field, by allowing them to perform more efficient filtering according to the profiles of the

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iGaming operators are taking advantage of AI to automate HR tasks

Human resources activity for iGaming companies is easier because of AI Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to be understood as the moment when machines begin to behave in a way that simulates human intelligence. The application of AI in Human Resources (HR) gives the iGaming industry the ability to improve productivity in finding new people

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AI hits Human Resources efforts in the gaming industry

AI isn’t just for gaming operations as back-office operations can benefit just as easily The future of technology brings all kinds of changes ahead promoted by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday tasks. Slowly but consistently, emerging companies are presenting solutions that are disrupting several functionalities inside of companies that are, as a

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