AI-based identification verification gets a boost to help online gaming operators

Artificial intelligence makes it easy for iGaming operators to comply with ID regulations People are currently in an era where machines, software and various automatic processes are transforming a large part of the world's productive activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a very important role in this transformation. One of the most promising fields of application

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Soft2Bet partners with AI-based identity verification platform Onfido

Artificial intelligence is making ID verification easier for gaming operators Identity verification processes face three major challenges: security, agility and scalability. If we talk about security, fraud by impersonation is the big problem to attack. The iGaming industry has had to suffer from these issues for a long time, but it seems that through the

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AI-based video identification helping online casinos comply with AML regulations

The way in which gaming operators verify identities is getting a boost from artificial intelligence Countries around the world have dedicated teams of specialists looking for ways that certain people might be trying to launder illegitimate funds. For decades, there has been a belief that casinos are perfect for money-laundering activity and, in some cases,

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AI being used to identify problem gamblers through facial recognition

Advanced artificial intelligence can understand if someone could be addicted to gambling Casinos have been early adopters of technological advancements, particularly of facial recognition technology. Now, casinos might be looking into the next level of on-site security with a new tool presented by artificial intelligence (AI) company Human. The company has announced that they developed

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