New AI-based payments solution makes it easier for iGaming operators to do business

Artificial intelligence continues to make headway in creating more secure payment solutions Fast Onboarding is a new service brought to you by the platform that makes it easier for merchants to accept payments called Cashflows. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool is able to reduce the time it takes for a merchant to be onboarded, either

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Microgaming is revolutionizing online table games through AI

The gaming supplier is taking advantage of artificial intelligence to improve the gaming experience Microgaming, based in the Isle of Man, has been leading the gaming market for more than 25 years. It provides the most popular games to more than 800 operators. As one of the founding members of eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Game

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New Amazon-based AI could help deliver improved graphics to online casinos

Amazon and NVIDIA are rolling out a new AI service that could benefit the iGaming space Artificial intelligence (AI) appears to be at the center of innovation in a new partnership between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA. According to a press release from both companies issued yesterday, the "next-generation" infrastructure will be optimized for

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AI is helping online casinos stop malicious bots in real-time

Artificial intelligence is able to detect and block security threats as soon as they arrive In your use of the Internet, you may have encountered a CAPTCHA that asks you to prove that you are human and not a bot. These types of tests prove that there are, in fact, bots on the Internet, and

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AI is making it easier for gaming operators to detect security threats

Artificial intelligence continues to offer cutting-edge solutions to protect online gaming platforms As networks become larger and data becomes more complex, the ability to properly analyze it becomes more difficult. It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be able to provide robust functions to the cybersecurity needs of operators within the

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Lucidia is using AI to bring the metaverse to the online casino space

The company is using cutting-edge technology and innovation to advance iGaming Combining blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming to deliver a metaverse experience is one of Lucida's big propositions. The company that is keeping up with the digital society revolution has unveiled its recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Binance on the Binance

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The iGaming space is creating better options through artificial intelligence

AI enables greater flexibility and creativity in the gaming development process Artificial intelligence (AI) has opened a lot of doors for those operators in the iGaming industry who are always looking to stay ahead of the curve. Many online casino games today implement a much more immersive experience thanks to this technology. AI can not

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New AI-based ID and payments platform can help keep the iGaming space clean

Kount's latest AI innovation can help the gaming space increase its payments stability Traditional online ID and payment practices have quickly become obsolete between new government laws, increased security threats due to fraud, and growing consumer pressure for a better customer experience. To address these challenges, the iGaming industry has turned to digital transformation to

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The iGaming industry is making the most out of AI to improve operations

Artificial intelligence improves the way iGaming operators approach daily activities Artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic on everyone's lips lately. This is largely due to the emergence of tools such as ChatGPT, which promise to cause a real revolution in how the internet is used. While the public perception of AI is that it is

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AI is helping iGaming marketers scale their next best action

Artificial intelligence allows iGaming marketers to take their creativity to new levels Artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictive analytics learn customer behavior at every action or inaction to determine when and how their next move will occur. In an industry as competitive as iGaming, you need to accurately predict when players are about to leave, go inactive,

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