The gaming industry receives an analytical boost from artificial intelligence

Machine learning is helping casinos provide better analysis of gambling activity Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for quite a while, but it is not until now that people across the globe are starting to engage in more serious conversations about the reach of this technology. By the looks of it, AI has come to

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Virtual Reality and Data Analytics come together to help the gaming industry

Using AI to improve data collection is improving how casinos interact with customers We are living in a very interesting time in which emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), offer the potential to reshape every part of society changing the way people do things. Before data analytics, the data was processed manually with the

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Risk screening platform serving the gaming industry completes funding round

WorldWatch Plus is delivering AI-based KYC and AML solutions to the gaming community Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to take over daily activities currently handled by humans in the future, and, when that happens, more companies are willing to invest in this rising technology. An AI-based company, WorldWatch Plus, is dedicated to providing a platform

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How artificial intelligence is impacting the casino industry

The next couple of years will bring major changes in casino thanks to advances in artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been present for many years now, but it is not until recent times that many industries are taking a step forward to integrate this rising technology. It is important to understand that AI is

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