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Las Vegas CIO Doubles Down on AI and Endpoint Security to Protect Sin City

Las Vegas CIO enhances city cybersecurity with AI and endpoint security, prioritizing threat detection and community collaboration. Las Vegas, often referred to as Sin City, is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, entertainment, and tourism. However, in addition to providing entertainment and excitement, the city also has to ensure the safety and security of its residents

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Global Wizards and the Bet on Tech: Steering the Future of Gambling with Stellar AI Innovations in Las Vegas

Global Wizards innovates Las Vegas gambling, merging AI technology with user experience, ensuring security and ethical gaming practices. The glittering Las Vegas Strip, synonymous with gambling, entertainment, and nightlife, has historically been the epicenter of pioneering technological advancements in the gambling industry. Today, we spotlight a company that is transforming the traditional realm of Las

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Artificial intelligence is taking over Las Vegas

The original casino city in the US is rapidly embracing AI as the gaming industry changes Little by little, artificial intelligence (AI) applications have begun to make inroads into the world of casinos. It has been proven that any type of casino, virtual or physical, can benefit significantly from this advanced technology, which is currently

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The Circa Resort to use AI-based Aruba technology to stay connected

The newest casino in Las Vegas is making the best of artificial intelligence to improve its operations Circa Resort and Casino, which opened in Las Vegas in October of last year, has chosen an edge services, platform-based network from Aruba to keep staff and guests connected. The artificial intelligence (AI) network offered by Aruba, a

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More Las Vegas casinos are embracing artificial intelligence

AI-based virtual concierges are making their way to Vegas gambling properties The online gambling segment has been quick to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with many of its operations, but it isn’t alone. The land-based casino segment is beginning to see more utility from the technology, using it to improve kitchen operations, security and

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Vegas casinos are turning on artificial intelligence to fight increased violence

AI is providing enhanced security for Vegas casinos as they look for ways to reduce rampant violence Over the past couple of months, Las Vegas has seen more violence than it is accustomed to. This has already led to increased security at casinos and more police officers on the streets, but there is still more

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Self-service tech powered by AI is gaining popularity in Vegas casinos

As coronavirus concerns linger, casinos are looking to rebound with fewer live employees The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has been quite a catalyst for expediting several aspects of society that were already in development, such as the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). What was happening at a slow, steady pace is now being implemented

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AI chatbots are helping visitors in Las Vegas

Artificial intelligence and chatbots aren’t just for online gaming The biggest and most popular city in the world for gambling, Las Vegas, has been introducing artificial intelligence (AI) devices in some locations across town to help the visitors. There is a chatbot located at Miracle Mile Shops that has been active for more than a

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Konami’s automated casino management system to run the show at Resorts World Las Vegas

Konami has been given exclusivity for its SYNKROS platform The biggest gambling destination in the country is taking a huge step forward to embrace technology and artificial intelligence (AI), bringing them to the casino action. Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV) is a huge casino facility that is expected to open in Las Vegas next year,

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Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the Las Vegas gambling scene

Technological innovation is making live gambling more attractive to casino patrons By the year 2022, entering a Las Vegas casino is going to be an entirely new experience, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). It is starting to unveil major changes to the way gambling has worked – Imagine being greeted by your name or even

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