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Artificial intelligence is improving gaming operator compliance with AML rules

AI makes it easy for iGaming operators to ensure they avoid regulatory issues It is well known that compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations is not an easy task to achieve. This is essentially true when talking about the iGaming industry, a sector that moves a lot of money on a daily basis.

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AI-based video identification helping online casinos comply with AML regulations

The way in which gaming operators verify identities is getting a boost from artificial intelligence Countries around the world have dedicated teams of specialists looking for ways that certain people might be trying to launder illegitimate funds. For decades, there has been a belief that casinos are perfect for money-laundering activity and, in some cases,

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Artificial Intelligence makes an appearance to help fight potential money laundering at casinos

Gambling facilities in Canada and elsewhere are employing AI to combat illicit money exchanges One of the ongoing battles between governments and criminals is money laundering. This struggle involves authorities implementing new processes, and criminals finding new ways to get around them. Artificial intelligence (AI) might be the future weapon for not only the authorities,

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