Artificial intelligence is increasing its role in online casinos

The incorporation of AI solutions in online gaming is providing new solutions to old problems Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a new way to enhance most aspects of our lives and it is already taking over the world. All kinds of industries, such as including healthcare, finance and gambling, are integrating AI-based technologies to

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Online gambling trends that are going to rewrite virtual gaming

The introduction of artificial intelligence into gambling is impacting every aspect of the industry The online gambling scene has been booming in recent years and is always keeping a tone of innovation in every new service it adds to the market. Online gaming companies are making good use of emerging technologies and procedures to offer

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AI making online gaming more realistic

The iGaming industry is taking action to a whole new level Technology, in some fashion, has been present since the beginning of civilization, and its recent advancements and new discoveries are taking some industries to the next level. Technology as a concept involves scientific knowledge and new applications of it, and the most recent technologies,

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Innovative Technology Americas helping to change the online gaming industry through AI

The technology company is introducing revolutionary AI features to gaming Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching more markets and starting to offer new ways of doing business to diverse sectors. The gaming industry, especially casinos - online or physical locations - are already working together with AI to improve the overall experience for their customers, as

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Scientific Games to use artificial intelligence from Vaix for its online sports gambling

Artificial intelligence continues to become integrated with all facets of online gaming The online gaming industry has been the guinea pig for new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and everything that can be improved through data collection. The advancements in machine learning and AI are more solid with time and testing, and recently a

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New artificial intelligence tools being tested in online gaming to prevent abuse

Online gaming is serving as a testbed for new AI functions New research is focusing on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to be implemented to tackle online abuse and hate speech in a more responsible way. The research is led by Professor Kalina Bontcheva from the university’s Department

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