New AI-based payments solution makes it easier for iGaming operators to do business

Artificial intelligence continues to make headway in creating more secure payment solutions Fast Onboarding is a new service brought to you by the platform that makes it easier for merchants to accept payments called Cashflows. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool is able to reduce the time it takes for a merchant to be onboarded, either

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New AI-based ID and payments platform can help keep the iGaming space clean

Kount's latest AI innovation can help the gaming space increase its payments stability Traditional online ID and payment practices have quickly become obsolete between new government laws, increased security threats due to fraud, and growing consumer pressure for a better customer experience. To address these challenges, the iGaming industry has turned to digital transformation to

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Online casinos get advanced payment security options through AI and Visa

Artificial intelligence continues to shape the payments space through innovation Visa and F5 have recently announced a partnership aimed at empowering merchants to create a secure, personalized and seamless online experience. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), an initiative like this could work perfectly in the iGaming industry. Many operators are looking to get

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Artificial intelligence is easing payments for online casinos

AI is creating efficiency and better security in the iGaming payments segment The growing number of applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) that are being developed at high speed in different industries provides an idea of the impact of this technology in the context of payments. The use of AI tools for financial transactions is

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Online sportsbooks are getting the most out of AI to improve payouts

Artificial intelligence is improving payment transactions for gaming operators In today's world, speed and dynamism are part of everyday life and are key value drivers. Against this backdrop, the "I want it now" culture puts great pressure on all industries, especially in iGaming, where players want their online payments to be delivered immediately. The ever-increasing

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Artificial intelligence is mitigating payment fraud for online casinos

AI-based solutions are providing better protection for payments Data is an essential asset for risk management in all industries, including iGaming. The huge amount of data generated today sometimes makes it difficult to analyze it in order to detect possible risks. Likewise, proper data management is essential to avoid different types of fraud in online

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The casino industry is benefiting from AI-based accounts payable automation

Streamlining and securing payments is easier for casino operators through artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is generating incredible transformations in the way the casino industry operates, posing new challenges in the accounting function and accounts payable. Certainly, the financial area has also had to change its approach and role, thus leaving the pencil era in

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Artificial intelligence is eliminating fraud in the iGaming payments segment

AI is providing safety and security for iGaming payments the way no other solution can The payments ecosystem in the iGaming industry has become a priority, and operators continue to opt for artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to shield against fraud. The volume of electronic sales and transactions is gradually and progressively increasing as supply grows

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AI-based payments solution offers iGaming operators more security

Artificial intelligence in the payments space provides a major safety net for gaming operators The trend of online transactions is growing, and with it, the need to ensure consumer security. Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) software provider Robobai has joined forces with B2B payment processing company Boost Payment Solutions to provide operators in the iGaming industry

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Artificial intelligence is speeding up payments for iGaming operators

AI is making it easier for iGaming operators to verify and complete online payments Incorporating technological tools and changes in consumer expectations have changed payment services. Today, thanks to technology, it is possible to make physical and digital payments through credit or debit cards, transfers, platforms, payment gateways or QR codes. Technology has also provided

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