Gaming operator 888Holdings uses AI to eliminate cheating in poker

Artificial intelligence has allowed the operator to detect fraud, and its users received the rewards Online poker is a very interesting option to distract and have fun without leaving the house. But, just as it is flexible and comfortable, it can also be used for cheating. That is why, before letting yourself be carried away

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Artificial Intelligence is helping 888poker return money to poker players

The online poker platform is using AI to reduce fraud and protect its users All iGaming operators face the problem of accounts that are aided or assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). However, 888poker claims it has made significant progress in addressing this issue due to investments in fair poker gaming technology, which also makes the

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PokerSnowie’s artificial intelligence led the way for future poker AI developments

The AI poker training platform was rapidly evolving before Pluribus made waves Two years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) made waves when an AI-based poker player, Pluribus, took down several high-profile poker players. While the news was insightful and showed how far AI has come in the past 60 years, now able to teach itself and

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Americas Cardroom to increase dependence on artificial intelligence to remove bots

ACR is enhancing its AI development to clean up the tables One of the issues that online poker operators have to constantly deal with comes in the form of bots, software used by some poker players determined to cheat at the tables and give themselves an unfair advantage. Operators who are vested in customer satisfaction

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How DeepStack changed the gaming paradigm

The artificial intelligence algorithm’s capabilities are rewriting gaming development DeepStack, the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, did something most poker players only dream of doing – beating some of the best players in the world. Just like the rest of us, DeepStack had to learn how to play the game first, but DeepStack had a secret

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How DeepStack is redefining artificial intelligence in gaming

The AI solution has already proven that it can beat some of the best poker players in the industry Artificial intelligence (AI) may have seemed something more futuristic than realistic just a few short years ago, but it has evolved significantly since then. Teams of experts around the world have been diligently advancing the technology

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How PokerStars is proactively working to keep poker bots off the platform

The poker operator knows how to find and stop the illegal software from being used No one can honestly say they like to be cheated in any situation. However, cheating and fraud is a part of life that everyone has to deal with at some point. It can be found everywhere, and entire companies make

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Maria Konnikova on how poker shows the limits of artificial intelligence

The psychologist-turned-author-turned poker player has a discussion with the creator of Libratus In a piece written by Russian-American writer, psychologist and poker player Maria Konnikova, she shares what she learned from an interview with Tuomas Sandholm, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, regarding poker and artificial intelligence (AI) and its limits. As a game

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Poker players getting behind facial recognition for online games

A recent poll found overwhelming support from players for the inclusion of facial recognition One of the most difficult things to monitor when it comes to online gaming is the process of figuring out if, behind the screen, there is a real person playing, or something else. Online poker has been popular for a while

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