New AI robot could help land-based casinos stay safe

Artificial intelligence-led autonomous security could be coming to more casinos Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven robotics is becoming an essential tool for the security of many establishments today, and land-based casinos have not been excluded. Having finalized a new partnership with a Detroit-based company to expand AI-enabled devices, DK Security officials say they will be able to

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Autonomous robots are revolutionizing the iGaming experience

Artificial intelligence is taking over the online gaming space to improve operations If any industry is enjoying constant evolution, it has to be iGaming. Among the latest trends in this market are autonomous robots based on artificial intelligence (AI). With the implementation of these solutions, different online casino operators operate more efficiently, resulting in a

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The use of AI robots for casino security is on the rise

Land-based casinos are gambling on the future of AI to help protect their customers Both land-based casinos and online gaming platforms are clear examples of an industry that has been able to benefit from technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI). The sector has made efforts to find out the possibilities of AI to offer

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AI solutions are giving casinos robot assistance

Automated service solutions allow casinos to free up manpower and resources The rise of the machines similar to what was seen in the movie The Terminator isn’t likely to ever happen, but it is definitely true that robots are becoming more common. This has been facilitated greatly by the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), and

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Artificial intelligence robots are becoming dealers in casinos

Advanced technology is giving casino operators more security and accuracy The gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. In spite of the COVID-19 setback, it is still advancing at an exponential rate and bringing in new technologies to help with a transitioning environment. Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been closely watched

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New AI robot could help casinos keep clean and virus-free

AI is smart enough now to be used to combat COVID-19 Many casinos across the country are reopening their doors amid the new conditions forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The new normal includes exhaustive cleaning and health protocols for both visitors and workers. Land-based casinos profit from mass gatherings and large flows of people, and

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