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The benefits of AI-powered social media marketing for iGaming operators

Gaming operators have to go where the consumers are, and they're on social media Today's social media platforms account for some 2.77 billion users and are responsible for the vast amount of data they hold. With the ever-increasing technological advances in social media, it is clear to say that this figure will only continue to

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Social media marketing by casinos is improving thanks to artificial intelligence

All facets of social media marketing are enhanced through artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken on an indispensable role in social media marketing for the iGaming industry. This is primarily due to its capability to simultaneously perform various tasks with precision accuracy. As the social media industry has become a vital segment for iGaming

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iGaming operators can easily monitor social media ads using artificial intelligence

It’s easier than ever for online casinos to stay on top of social media marketing through AI Having an omnichannel marketing presence is undoubtedly the most efficient use of resources, as long as it is managed properly. Today, one of the most beneficial targets for marketing campaigns is social media, but, with so much traffic

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Social media gambling arrives with help from AI

Artificial intelligence continues to become an integral part of online gaming The growth that the iGaming industry has been going through during the last couple of years has been influenced by several factors. One of the main reasons is the constant advancement of technology that is allowing operators to offer unique experiences for gamblers; innovation

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