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AI-powered video news gains ground in sports gambling

Sportradar is going to give its followers additional AI-based tools to guide their sports gambling activity Sportradar is giving sports gamblers something they have been asking for. It is launching the first “Live Video Notification” push service in a partnership with WSC Sports, a company specializing in sports content powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The

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Artificial intelligence is helping iGaming operators improve the sports experience

AI-based technology and real-time analytics are producing a better sports gambling market When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, their advancements in the sports industry are sometimes overlooked, except by sports enthusiasts. AI is rewriting the sports experience as sports gambling becomes more prominent and, in the NFL, NHL, NBA and more, AI

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Genius Sports expands artificial intelligence in sports gambling through new acquisition

Sports gambling continues to receive a lot of attention as a target for artificial intelligence integration Genius Sports is already a leading gaming company driven by artificial intelligence (AI), but is now adding new functionalities to its platform. The company offers data and technology solutions to its sports and gambling partners and is going to

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Sports gambling is improving through artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI is giving both sportsbooks and sports gamblers an edge in approaching the activity Since the US Supreme Court shot down PASPA in 2018, more than $20 billion has been gambled through legal sportsbooks in the US. That number is going to increase exponentially as more states bring online their own legal sports gambling markets,

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AI-based gambling tech firm Simplebet raises $15 million for sports gambling platform

AI-based gambling solutions give operators more options to offer their users Simplebet is singularly focused, looking to make the software behind gambling operations easy. It has already found a great deal of success with its goal, mostly because of its structure. In difference to many gambling platforms, Simplebet is built around artificial intelligence (AI), which

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Artificial intelligence is driving sports gambling through improved data analysis

Increased interest in sports gambling is leading to rapid inclusion of AI-based solutions With the proliferation of global sports gambling, there has been a push to include new, innovative ways to provide gambling options. The advances seen in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) have been able to drive a lot of that growth, leading

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Verizon, Entain partner to bring new virtual reality solutions to the gambling industry

The new partnership will facilitate expansion of AI and VR solutions in sports gambling A new partnership between two giants of their respective fields promises to have strong implications for the sports gambling industry. Verizon and Entain have announced an agreement that will facilitate the innovation of new sports gambling products built around artificial intelligence

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Sports gambling firm Stats Perform acquires AI-based data solutions from Thuuz Sports

The inclusion of the AI-based tools will allow the company to offer better options to gamblers Stats Perform was built around the delivery of sports data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the sports gambling industry, and has just added two more components to its portfolio that will make it even stronger. The company announced

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Artificial intelligence is helping online sportsbooks become more instinctive

The inclusion of AI in sports gambling allows operators to offer more in-game betting options Artificial intelligence (AI) is already making a huge impact on the casino market and is also making huge strides now in sports gambling. It can’t be described as a new concept; however, the advances in AI have been exponentially larger

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In-play sports gambling gets a boost from artificial intelligence

AI is making it easier for sportsbooks to enhance their in-play gambling options Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to offer a number of enhancements to different industries that would otherwise be completely impossible to consider. Nowhere is this more evident than in the gambling industry, where AI has now become a regular part of

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